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What is Kiko Technology?

“Everything in this universe vibrates”

Albert Einstein

Kiko Technology™ is a proven Green Technology that provides a cost effective and safe solution that can re-shape traditional industry operations, a fascinating Game Changer across multiple applications including agriculture, aquaculture, medical / Waterceuticals™, environmental / soils and industrial / scale reduction. These stunning effects were field researched repeatedly in 23 countries over the past eight years with hundreds of controlled case studies and client user testimonials.

Kiko energized water will change your views on what water will mean to you.

Kiko Technology™ was founded on the basis that the water we use in our daily life simply does not vibrate as fast as it once did over the past 60 years.

The global warming and rising CO2 levels since the 1950's causes our water to lose energy. Most people don’t know what this means because water is largely taken for granted and no one really pays much attention to its kinetic energy or its laws of nature – yet this living resource has many secrets that are being unlocked by our Kiko Technology™

Kiko Technology™ is patent pending.

The World We Live In

Our everyday water is a mirror-image of what we humans are doing to our earth, the soil, the crops we produce and to our overall health and wellness

Back in 1896 Svante Arrhenius predicted that a rise in temperature (known as climatic sensitivity) would coincide with a doubling of the level of CO2 emissions (the pre-industrial benchmark for global warming).

In 2014, a global snapshot of the key Environmental indicators presented by World Health Organization (WHO) as having the greatest impact on global health and food water and energy demands are:

  • Demand for clean water
  • Global surface temperatures
  • Ozone depletion
  • CO2 concentration leading to acid rainfall
  • Consumption of ocean resources
  • Species Extinction
  • Deforestation and loss fo rain forests and marshlands
  • Global sea levels

All these negative indicators have been on the rise over the last century and today accelerating at a crisis state.

The WHO also forecasts there will be 9 billion people on Earth to feed by mid-century (2050) – a hot topic presented in an eight-month series called “The New Food Revolution” (read article by National Geographic May 2014) – The demand for diminishing natural resources is further compounded by this never ending population growth.

In 1920s the population was 2 billion – doubled in 50 years to 4 billion in 1970 – 7 billion in 2014 and 9 billion predicted towards 2050 – we are living through a population triple in our own lifetime – think of the implications.

The lack of public knowledge for energized water is not surprising – our public views are traditionally skewed towards chemistry, bio engineered crops, pathogens, filtration advancements, modern mechanization, irrigation techniques, fertilizers, scale inhibitors and the like – the Founder with a past background in cryogenic hydrogen and cryogenic oxygen in the NASA space program unlocked one of the many mysterious ways of our everyday water – viewing water through the lens of “PHYSICS” – he discovered the need for and inventing the


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The Water Energy Revolution

Water is more complex and mysterious
than you realize

We must re-think how we efficiently and smartly use this precious living resource and awe-inspire those who care. Energized water holds an un-imaginable relationship to food supply, taste and freshness of crops and fisheries, pathogens in soils and crops, scale reduction without chemical usage, heat transfer and energy driven equipment, productivity efficiency in food and industrial processing, poultry and animal husbandry, medical applications and in our everyday drinking water.

Our everyday water cannot be used up – from time memorial, our earth has a finite quantity of water - about 333 million cubic miles of water – surprising isn’t it? This finite amount of water is continuously recycled by Nature – precipitation clouds and rainfall – but today, our water is very stressed by atmospheric and surface pollution.

Water covers 70% of the earth, 97% is too salty to use and only 3% is fresh water and most of that is frozen. Just 0.3% of it is accessible and clean enough to use. But we have enough water – 580 tons of water per capita but it is not spread uniformly due to drought, arid lands, geology, lack of irrigation or purification, 70% is used for agriculture and in particular, the water from rainfall is acidic and corrosive leading to lower yields and quality of the foods we consume.

There is no other element in this universe like water that can shift from solid to liquid to gas and back again. But with 7 Billion people using a finite water resource, don’t you think steps should be taken to preserve what we have – instead of being indifferent?

Water covers 70% of the earth, 97% is too salty to use and only 3% is fresh water and most of that is frozen. Just 0.3% of it is accessible and clean enough to use.

The Effects and Science behind Kiko Technology™

The carriers for the Kiko Technology™ are natural but charged, volcanic feldspar stones, formulated to restore the natural harmonics of water. The technology was founded on the laws of kinetic energy applied at the molecular level of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules, structurally bonded with vast amounts of minerals, proteins, toxins, dirt and chemicals.

The net effect:

  • Smaller water molecules bonds
  • Increased far infrared absorption and emission
  • Faster absorption of nutrients and discharge of toxins at the cellular level
  • Lower bond surface tension allowing faster molecular separation and toxin discharge
  • Increased washing or solvent power of water

Sir William Herschel in 1800 discovered Far Infrared rays – the safest energy emitted by the Sun

Far infrared (“FIR”) is a non-visible energy emitted by our Sun and considered the most plentiful and safest energy, absorbed safely by our body to improve our immune system, blood circulation and assists to clean harmful toxins.

In today’s everyday surface water, the FIR absorption level is a very low 4% to 10% measureable by FIR spectrometers. After the Kiko ceramic cartridges are added to the identical water energizing it, its FIR absorption increases dramatically to 70% to 90% levels. This effect has been measured in hundreds of applications and every time been 100% effective. The benefits from this absorption are where Kiko Technology™ makes it presence felt. For instance in agriculture and aquaculture, there is an improved plant and fruit growth, faster absorption of nutrients from soils and fertilizers, less pathogen damage – all producing very stunning results – in essence an adjunct to the principles behind photosynthesis.

The Game Changer - Results Way Beyond Expectation

“The gem cannot be polished without friction
nor man without trials”

Albert Einstein

Agriculture (Earth Borne & Hydroponics)

  • Rice crops 10% to 60% yield increases – 10% less broken grains
  • Farmers in Asia nearly double net incomes
  • Sugar cane yields increase by 24.5% and nil mildew or white grub pathogen infestation
  • Bio mass of fruits and vegetables increase 20% to 130% - Okra, tomato, spinach, lettuce
  • Longer shelf life by days or weeks cutting wastage and storage costs from ex-farm to retail
  • Fruits sweeter, tastier, more colorful and uniform shape and length

Aquaculture / Poultry / Animal Husbandry

  • Tilapia Catfish Bluegill and Trout fingerlings – 30% to 60% less mortality
  • Shrimp (Vanamei and Rosenbergii species) – 10% to 30% less mortality at hatchery phase
  • 3% improved feed conversion for poultry
  • 6% more layer eggs, more uniform shape, less broken eggs
  • Drinking water lines scale free with less pathogens inside piping


  • Significant heat transfer gains across heat pumps, LP boilers, HVAC – less scale corrosion
  • 5% to 26% energy savings in buildings and hotels
  • Less engineering maintenance and labor costs for cleaning and inspection
  • Cleaner nozzles and water tanks for potable water, chicken farms, bakery, food processing
  • 10% to 30% less kwH electricity for producing mixtures for concrete, flour, paints, blending, ice

Medical / Waterceuticals™

  • Kiko approved under FDA Clean Water Act of 1972
  • Studies underway on autistic children, Alzheimer’s disease, herpes, gastro toxins

Environmental / Soils

  • Less pathogen buildup noticed on crops, plants, rice, sugar cane farms – healthier foods
  • Hydroxides OH- ions separate quickly improving the acidity or alkalinity of top soils and sub-soils
  • Nil rodent damage on 25 rice studies, sugar cane – nil Kuhol (snail damage) – nil mildew fungus
  • Less fertilizer and pesticides usage
  • Improves any organic farming application

An Inspiration of Patience, Persistence and Perspiration

The Journey to change the world's water began with a single step

“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small”

Lao Tzu, Ancient Philosopher

Transcending people’s perception about our mysterious and complex water structure is a hard task – everyone simply takes water for granted and hence indifferent – but those who are using Kiko Technology simply marvel at the stunning results and soon realize what water really means for economic and health benefits.

The impact is a Water Energy Revolution

Assist our gallant efforts to improve our Food, Energy, Health and join the Water Energy Revolution. Kiko Technology sweeps across a multitude of potential discoveries, waiting for inspiration. We collectively face unprecedented challenges in our global environment, food security and the choices we make. Who would ever believe that the very water we have long taken for granted actually holds a valuable ANSWER for today and future generations.

The marvels of this Kiko Technology™ opens up exciting, scientific research opportunities and alliances in plant and soil entomology, bio engineering, photosynthesis, equipment design and measuring energy devices, medical application in fields such as Alzheimers, autism, herpes and detoxification.

Join Kiko Technology on the “The Water Energy Revolution”
using water smartly and efficiently to benefit everyone on this Planet

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