Frequently Asked Questions

1 Does all water vibrate the same or differently?

Over the past 20 years the Japan Water Institute analyzed thousands of water samples around the World to answer this question. These included, rain water, fresh surface water, irrigated drip water, deep wells and aquifers, purified and chlorinated water, spring and mineral waters.

What one considers “natural water” actually vibrates very slow today (using Hertz Energy Units (“HEU”) almost all “natural water” measures between 120 to 140 in comparison to “highly energized water being 60 to 90 HEU) - Note the smaller the HEU number refers to a faster resonating and faster relaxation time of water.

Our work verifies what Dr. Albert Einstein quoted “Everything in this universe vibrates”

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2 Why is water vibrating slower?

The water we use every day continues to vibrate slower and slower as the Earth’s stratosphere continues to expand with non-desirable CO2 CH4 refrigerants and un-burnt hydrocarbon emissions, amongst others. These gases form a thick insulation barrier in the atmosphere and one of the most alarming and measurable side-effect is slower vibrating water. This phenomenon is real and ongoing for the past 60 years as population and industrialization grow.

Water that is mechanically filtered or chemically treated (e.g. purified or chlorinated water) will not energize water – herein lies the key to the Kiko Technology KEDS systems.

The most highly energized water lies deep in the Earth’s core shielded from un-wanted microwaves, gamma rays, UV rays, CO2 emissions, vehicle exhaust un-burnt HC particles and thus well protected against mankind’s polluted atmosphere; This type of water has been lying dormant for perhaps hundreds of thousands or millions of years – the harmonics or vibration of this water has been measured by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment. It is highly energized, typically within a resonating band between 60 to 80 HEU range – an extremely fast rate characterized by inherent water’s ability to oscillate and relax quite quickly – but the difficulty is to find, drill and draw this water out cost effectively for use. There currently is no solution to this.

The Kiko Technology™ is a Game Changer in the sense that the kinetic energy of everyday normal or purified water can be duplicated, almost comparable to highly energized water found deep in the Earth. The technology is applied to everyday water and any “purified/chlorinated” water – the physical action triggers a series of stunning effects in that recipient water e.g. oscillates or vibrates extremely fast, absorbing maximum amounts of far infrared energy, increased molecular separation, decreased surface tension bonding strength and accelerates water’s absorption and cleaning power.

These combined kinetic energy changes are coined “energized” or “activated” water.

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3 Why are the results of the technology so stunning and beyond belief?

First of all, water is more mysterious and complex than one can imagine. Pure water or pure H2O “will kill you” – fortunately there is no such thing as pure drinkable H-O-H/H2O water. Pure Hydrogen packs explosive power as evidenced in gas or rocket propulsion. Pure Oxygen is also a propellant component. Water is life – but not in the form described above. Water is actually a complex combination of H-O-H molecules, minerals, proteins, gases, bacteria, dirt, anions and cations – auspiciously interchanging from a liquid to gas or liquid to solid and back again – the only element in Nature passing through three phases.

Water follows a mysterious path in the laws of Nature - it can flow with ease yet erupt into a thunderous hurricane force; separate the components and propel space shuttles to the moon; it cleans and oxidizes and acts as a coolant or heating component; it can vibrate faster than the speed a jet airliner; absorbs ten times more energy in particular far infrared wavelengths under the right conditions - Water is LIFE - Water affects how we live, how crops and animals grow, and in more mysterious ways than what conventional textbooks have taught each of us.

There is no other element on Earth like water. Water holds a tremendous latent kinetic energy – if one understands how a “tsunami moves’ one will truly appreciate the powerful kinetic energy that water holds. And from this scientific understanding – came the birth of Kiko Technology™.

The technology was field tested for seven years proving over and over that energetic water is not any scientist’s imagination or theory. Kiko Technology will improve the health and cleanliness of crops, animals, humans and any living organism – the use of technology delivery system is patent filed.

The applied results are simply stunning. How can root density and bio mass increase 20% to 130% - clearly a chemical or enzyme method cannot do this – the answer lies in the kinetic energy absorbed by plants. Water that is energized with Kiko Technology absorbs and emits 10 to 20 times more FIR energy – whereas most farmers think in terms of photosynthesis perhaps one should re-think crop production in terms of FIR absorption and emission.

Equally stunning are the positive results in de-scaling tightly bonded anions and cations – attributed to the powerful surface tension and molecular bond separation. Concrete mixes show 33% increased tensile strength. Scaled nozzles, filters and pipelines are de-scaled in weeks or months. In the medical field, scientists are evaluating its usage for autistic children, Alzheimer’s, pathogens such as herpes and fungi. In farm hatcheries, the separation of ammonium ions doubles or triples the hatcheries’ survival rates – huge economic gains to increase food supply.

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4 What are the Kiko KEDS applications and economic benefits?

Kiko Technology™ is currently applied in five broad categories: agriculture / aquaculture / industrial de-scaling / medical Waterceuticals™ and Environmental soil enhancement.

Case studies will be released to bonafide inquiries upon the signature of a Non-Disclosure agreement addressed to

The technology is a Kinetic Energy Delivery System (coined “KEDS”) to activate water at a molecular level (e.g. the science is phonon harmonics). Any type of water can be energized including rainwater, irrigated water, deep wells, purified and chlorinated water, feed water for industrial applications and even drinking water. Hence the broad spectrum of end use applications as indicated above mentioned.

The Kiko cartridge dosage is quite low ranging from 3 to 5 Kiko cartridges per hectare for agriculture applications, 2-3 cartridges per large water tank or drip irrigation lines or Mini cartridges for home use. It is not the volume of cartridges that is important – instead the KEY is the kinetic energy at the molecular level, resonating at incredible speeds through water, or moisture in the air and moisture in the soil – the delivery system is water and therein lies the mysterious ways of water.

The economic benefits are exemplified in the hundreds of validation studies comparing CONTROL versus the KIKO treated results – available upon request addressed to Kiko Technology™

A Kiko Technology™ representative would be pleased to discuss how the KEDS will improve your plant or farm efficiency, the economic gains and the cost of the KEDS program.

Kiko Technology™ comes with a money back performance guarantee for new clients wanting to validate our KEDS system. More Information is available through our team so please ask.

For the Medical / Waterceutical™, one of the applications is for the consumer household market. Available are Mini Kiko cartridges (branded as “Home Energizers”) - the cartridges are immersed in water jugs or rooftop water tanks and the recipient water is instantly energized. The uses are drinking water, watering garden plants, immersing sore legs and feet to temporarily release aches and pains (e.g. similar to a therapeutic spa), household pets drinking water, aquarium tanks et al.

Research Institutes such as MI Hope are conducting peer-reviewed studies on the effects for autistic children, Alzheimer’s disease and select pathogens such as Herpes. Other institutes are evaluating its effects on mosquito larvae, fungi growth, and bacteria resistance with UV devices, saline solution absorption rates, kidney dialysis adjuncts and many more medical applications.

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5 Why does Kiko use volcanic rocks as the kinetic energy carrier?

The Earth is a natural electromagnetic field rich in minerals in particular iron. Minerals such as Mica, Zeolite, Ferrite, Magnets could have been used but laboratory testing indicated that molten volcanic rocks provided the best economic carrier to produce the stunning results as presented in this website.

One of the earliest minerals to generate energized water was Ferrite filters coined “pi water” – the early pioneer was a Japanese scientist but his research work was de-bunked by end user skepticism and lack of capital to drive a global business.

Ionized water or most commonly coined as “alkali water” exhibits some of the features of the Kiko KEDS system – but the founders behind this technology incorrectly assumed that the human body functions best at an alkaline level – this assumption is contested by many scientists as the human body functions in more mysterious ways than stating “alkaline environments prevents or minimizes disease”.

The Kiko Technology is processed in Japan for Quality Control and Assurance reasons – it is not simply a matter of molding any volcanic rock and getting the same results. There is a proprietary process that allows the kinetic energy and physical characteristics to be maintained and at the same time not changing the chemical composition of the recipient water. Hence under the FDA Clean Water Act of 1972 the Kiko Technology™ KEDS satisfies the entire safety and compliance regulations as stipulated in this Act.

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6 Why can't traditional chemical innovations or modern filtration techniques produce similar results as the Kiko KEDS system?

The textbook approach to improve efficacy in agriculture, medical, industrial de-scaling, environmental or soil enhancers is through chemical means or mechanical filtration.

For instance modern hybrid or GMO seed technology focus upon improving botanical or pathogen resistance, grafting plants or DNA modifications to improve yields by 5% or thereabouts. No one pays much if any attention to the laws of physics of water and herein is the added value of the Kiko Technology™ KEDS system.

Adding energized water to these formulary applications has repeatedly improved crop and fisheries yields and shelf life multi-fold e.g. 10% to over 50% depending on the crop and soil conditions. Kiko Technology™ welcomes the opportunity to ally with research firms or producers of sophisticated seed technology – our field results prove that yields and outcomes are exponentially improved.

The use of synthetic fertilizers is another common practice and although organic techniques are a growing enterprise, one wonders what would happen if these technologies were combined with energetic water. Kiko Technology™ has been field tested over the past 8 years improving the delivery system for each of these applicators. Improvements are well beyond a mere 5% to 10% efficacy gain – KEDS delivers far greater economic gains to the end users – allowing fertilizer firms to improve their formularies and seek new solutions to traditional ways.

For industrial de-scaling applications, the results are equally stunning. High calcium carbonate water easily scale up whether such water is used in Low pressure boilers, feed nozzles, steam heaters, HVAC and Chiller plants, heat pumps, bakeries, spas, cold storage piping and so on. With Kinetic energy applied at the onset of the feed water, energization immediately triggers physical movement e.g. improved surface tension, absorption of Far Infrared Energy, improving cleansing and anti-oxidant power and molecular bond separation.

The net effect is scale free piping and equipment. Kiko Technology™ is a cost effective solution to mechanical cleaning or acid washing techniques. The cost savings are not merely 5% to 10% but in many applications the savings through improved heat transfer can be as high as 20% to 35% (e.g. heat pumps, steam coil heaters) plus the added benefit of less replacement of scaled critical parts (e.g. feed nozzles, drip nozzles, filter traps, et al.)

Filter observation after installation of Kiko

In farmed-fishery hatcheries a universal problem is the extremely high mortality rate caused by toxic ammonia waste emitted from shrimps, prawns, garoupa, trout, salmon, and tilapia and similar.

Kiko Technology solves this problem and reduces costs of operations.

Denser & darker color are Kiko larvae

The textbook method to neutralize ammonia waste is to add a nitrite compound or add more dissolved oxygen to the tanks. The Kiko approach is far simpler and more cost effective – simply immerse the Kiko cartridges into the water tanks and allow the kinetic energy to separate in Nano-seconds the tightly bound ammonium ions within the water molecular structure. When the “loosely held ammonium particles” are absorbed by the fries’ natural membrane gills will immediately discharge the minute toxic ammonium ions back to the water tank instead of slowly accumulating in the species’ body.

Hence the overall gain is increased survival rates – the financial rewards are a Game Changer. Institutional research studies indicate that mortality is cut down from 20% to 50% for shrimp Rosenbergii and Vanamei, Tiger prawns, Tilapia and Garoupa fries.

In addition, one of basic problems with the passive-eating GAROUPA species is a high (over 80%) mortality rate. The mouth diameter of these larvae is ultra-tiny and unable to intake nutrient planktons they feed upon – they starve to death in the first 2-3 days. Kiko Technology™ solves this long-standing industry problem by “reducing the molecular water clusters” – allowing plankton feeds to become smaller than the larvae mouths.

In the above photo, the Kiko Technology CONTROL versus KIKO effects were studied on farm grown trout fingerlings. The Control is Brown colored trout. The Kiko effects were dramatic – 30% increased survival fingerlings with body mass increasing almost 36%. But the most dramatic effect was the change in the trout enzymes – these trout are naturally Black and not brown; but due to the environmental degradation over the past 60 years, these species converted to brown color in order to “protect themselves”

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7 Are there limitations to the Kiko Technology™?

As remarkable as the technology results are, there are bound to be niche applications whereby the Kiko Technology may need further complementary programs or adjunct technology.

For instance waste water is normally filled with un-wanted pathogens, heavy metals, and oils detergents and very difficult to separate into clean molecular particles. Whereas the KEDS’s reaction on the recipient waste water’s surface tension and molecular separation will partially assist in the waste recovery, certainly the technology will need complementary clean-up techniques such as sand filtration, biological separation and or enzyme introduction.

Converting sea water to fresh drinking water requires enormous capital expenditures and an expensive power source. Kiko Technology™ introduced to reverse osmosis units will partially assist in its membrane separation and help reduce back washing of scale buildup.

Feed waters that contain excessive iron ore mined metals or nitrites over 1000 ppm will require pre-treatment steps before application. Kiko products added prior to the Deionizers or cationic exchangers will definitely improve efficacy and separate heavy anions and cations within the incoming water supply.

Farmers fight constant battles with pathogen and insect damage. Whereas Kiko Technology™ has shown proven success with mildew fungus on sugar canes, snail damage in wet rice paddy fields, cane bores in sugar cane and orchard plantations, rodent damage in rice fields, there remain un-tapped research opportunities for a host of other pathogens, parasites, bugs, bacteria and fungi control.

A control sugar cane infested with a fungus – decreasing crop yields annually by 10% to 20% and increasing the usage of fungicides. POST KIKO cane shows nil sign of fungal damage – again Nature holds a symbiotic relationship between energized water, bacteria, soil and crop health.
Damage by cane bores – with Kiko there is NIL damage
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8 Why do soils improve so remarkably after Kiko Technology™ is applied?

Textbook or traditional techniques are usually limited to chemical or NPK fertilizer treatments, lime to raise pH in acidic soils, soil enzymes, and vermin worms to clean up toxic wastes and so on.

Kiko Technology™ however provides either a singular or complementary alternative to these textbook techniques.

The vibration and kinetic energy reach of the Kiko Technology™ moves Omni-directional into sub-soils and water crevices energizing all water within soils including semi-arid areas containing a small degree of moisture. The kinetic energy will flow into water crevices as deep as 20-50 meters depth. In farming, the kinetic energy has proven effective, energizing dormant water deep in the sub-soils releasing Hydroxides (OH- ions) from tightly held minerals e.g. hydroxides of chromium, barium, strontium, potassium, sodium, calcium. This action releases dormant OH- ions upward into the useable top soils and explains why many farmers notice spikes in a crop’s growth cycle. This spike in the OH- ions allows crops to grow in spurts offsetting the damage caused by acid rainfall which always lowers the pH of the soil.

The effect of the rise and fall of OH- readings in the top soils were observed with earth-grown crops such as sugar cane, mango, palay rice, vegetables and seedlings. Crop productivity normally decreases with acidic soils (caused by acid rainfalls) whereas OH- hydroxide release allows crops and plants to thrive.

Plants thrive when the soil is healthier and as Kiko has noticed, there is considerably less insect damage in the Kiko-treated areas. Energized water holds a symbiotic relationship to soil enhancement and pathogen existence / damage and clearly this stunning observation opens research doors for environmentalists, botanical or bio-engineering institutes, and fertilizer applicators.

The Kiko Technology allows fast nutrient intake and simultaneously faster toxic / waste discharge from any living organism - merely observing the improved color changes, the longer shelf life, improved taste and sweeter glucose content in fruit trees attest to this field observation.

Dedicated research will likely support the theory that in Nature there is a symbiotic relationship to Nature’s foraging insects and bugs to clean up dead debris and form an organic relationship between water, soil, insects and plant health.

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9 Is there a relationship between photosynthesis and far infrared energy (“FIR”)?

Photosynthesis is Nature’s way of converting Carbon Dioxide into organic compounds including sugars and releasing Oxygen as the waste by-product.

The process begins when the energy from Sunlight is absorbed by proteins and chlorophylls that are stored in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The subsequent reaction and efficiency for plant health and its output depends on the interrelationship between the frequency of the light being converted, the light intensity, temperature and proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The variances range from 0.1% to 0.8% in plant efficiency and this scientific evidence perhaps explains WHY the effects of Kiko Technology™ are so stunning and dramatic.

50% of all Sunlight energy is in the form of Far Infrared energy (“FIR”), the others being visible light, gamma and X-rays, microwaves, UV energy, Infrared and radio frequencies. Except for colors (e.g. visible energy) all the other wavelengths are invisible including FIR energy.

The Japan Water Institute amongst other leading research institutes confirm our every day water absorbs and emits a scant 4% to 10% far infrared energy (Note: Far Infrared Spectrometers can measure these rates). However after the KEDS is immersed in the Control water, the FIR emissions and absorption increases immediately and dramatically from 70% to 90% FIR absorption.

The challenge is to explain why has this happened and what effect does it have on crop output, health of plants, relationship to insect damage, mortality rate of fisheries, therapeutic effects in health spas and so on.

The Kiko Technology™ KEDS opened the proof that there is a symbiotic relationship between FIR absorption and Photosynthesis at a level far greater than anyone realizes.

After observing this FIR phenomenon repeatedly in over 200 field studies in over 23 countries and documenting CONTROL versus KIKO results, the outcome is no longer skepticism – facts are facts.

How does one explain a sugar cane seedling yielding 70 tons per hectare (e.g. CONTROL) increase to 105 tons under the same farming practice. A leading rice farmer in Australia yields 9 to 10 tons palay rice (CONTROL) but after Kiko cartridges were immersed the yields increased to 12.85 tons per hectare).

Vegetable farmers notice superior shelf life, healthier crops, better color and an overall healthier crop PRE AND POST Kiko usage (e.g. under same farming techniques).

Wheatgrass outcomes for Control versus Kiko-immersed seeds. The results in 11 days are visibly observable – greener, denser roots and in this validation study, the yields were 65% more wheatgrass with a superior sweet-slightly bitter taste.
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10 Have you ever wondered why natural spas are therapeutic?

One answer: it must be the water. Spas generate thermal heat no doubt, but most SPA resorts are located in mountainous or seaside areas with highly active, energized underground water.

For centuries, Spas are renowned for their therapeutic and health effects from the Roman spas to Japan’s open-air volcanic spas to the Nordics tradition of wood hut spas. Indigenous cultures have long maintained the belief that soaking in spas is simply therapeutic – the science is tied to its FIR absorption.

Kiko Technology will produce similar therapeutic effects – the 70% to 90% increased FIR energy allows rapid absorption to the skin membrane, cleansing pores and allowing our tissue cells to regenerate faster.

In today’s hectic world, Kiko Technology is ideal for consumer markets such as health centers, golf clubs spas, beauty salons, resort retreats, aged people centers and in general for home use as well. Soaking tired feet for 10-15 minutes on a regular basis provides stimulating relief from aches and pains.

Kiko Technology conducted its first control studies in Thailand with aged people who had difficulty with walking and sleep. This trial set of aged people soaked for 15 minutes daily.

The effects were dramatic and instant - less aches and pains. Kiko energized water also improved sleep patterns since many aged people wake up in the wee hours of the morning for their urinary discharge. Kiko allowed them to sleep longer as urine retention was improved.

The next set of trials conducted at the Macau Golf and Country Clubs. The Kiko cartridges were placed into the hot and cold tubs and the effects noticeable by most of the older golf members.

The penetration of FIR through the skin and dermal tissue is ultra-safe. Many alternative medical practitioners believe there is a frequency link between FIR and the acupuncture sensor points on the human body – this is a potential research topic as some scientists believe the energy released by pressing the appropriate sensory acupuncture points correlates to one’s FIR absorption and emittance rates.

There is a mathematical correlation in acupuncture medicine. The human body contains 365 identifiable sensor points (e.g. the science is linked mathematically to the 365 calendar days in a year) but with one added mystery – the 366th point correlating to leap year.

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11 Can Kiko Technology™ wash off pesticides from our vegetables and fruits?

Yes, Kiko cartridges immersed into our everyday water creates a rapid molecular separation effect – in essence pesticides and harmful toxins are washed off in nanoseconds. Water is a natural solvent- like cleanser but Kiko products accelerate multi-fold this washing characteristic – the cleansing properties are measured by a scientific technique called SOSA (super anti-oxidant).

In the agriculture world many of the foods we eat are sprayed with a variety of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Do consumers know what these effects are in our bodies? Even organic farmers are forced to spray sporadically in order to cater to consumer tastes for that clean wholesome and colorful look without bug holes or darkened black spots.

One medical challenge would be to research the KEDS effects to detoxify the wastes in the trillions of cellular tissues in our bodies. The force of Kiko’s kinetic energy to increase plant and animal health are already visibly noticeable. The challenge is to identify absorption and emittance in the human body in order to develop new methods of nutrition absorption rates, drug delivery systems, saline solution effects, FIR absorption influences and electrical conductivity in the brain et al.

Kiko Technology supplies a HOME WATER ENERGIZER UNIT to insert into water inlet lines or simply immerse into a water jug, drinking bottled water et al. If energized water is good for plants and animals, the rationale that it is good for humans makes sense.

Kiko energized water is a good cleanser for our face and bodies and an excellent skin hydrator.

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12 Can Kiko Technology™ improve medical delivery systems?

Medical firms and pharmaceutical manufacturers continuously seek better delivery systems for a wide range of applications for digestion of tablets, slow dissolving gels, saline solutions, kidney dialysis et al.

The stunning effects of the KEDS system to increase multi-fold the rate of absorption of nutrients and equally the discharge of emittance of toxic wastes in plants and animals may offer improved solutions to the medical world. After all humans are living organisms as well as plants and animals!

The principles are tied to the laws of harmonics, FIR, SOSA, molecular separation and OH- release.

Kiko Technology™ may lead to new discoveries in the medical arena:

  1. Reduced rate of blood replacement – e.g. kidney dialysis
  2. Reduce volume of saline drip solutions e.g. a higher absorption rate into tissue cells
  3. Size of pharmaceutical pills – since Kiko allows any water to reduce its molecular cluster size, this means it is easier to mix and bind composite materials
  4. The molecular separation for fisheries verifies toxins removal e.g. some scientists believe highly energetic autistic children are super active due to excessive metals – flushing will help.
  5. Therapeutic spas energized by Kiko may cut down on side effects of varicose veins
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13 What is the relationship between surface tension and hardness of water?

The hardness of water, as defined by the textbooks, is the amount of calcium and magnesium salts in water and the higher the ppm reading, the higher the hardness. Chemicals such as potash, lime or chemical softeners are the current practices to minimize hard water from converting into hard scale in nozzles, heat exchangers, steam coils, pipelines, water shower heads, tank walls, heat pumps and so on.

The Kiko Technology™ is not based on a chemical-binding formation. Instead the kinetic energy is powerful enough to separate and break the surface tension holding un-wanted scale forming salts (e.g. calcium magnesium sodium carbonates chlorides et al) from the water molecules.

A surface tension meter e.g. Tension meter that can measure the bonding strength of water PRE and POST Kiko immersion. Most slow vibrating water has a surface tension binding force between 70-80 dynes (e.g. CONTROL) whereas the very same water immersed with kiko cartridges will show a lower binding force (e.g. 50-55 dynes). The question is whether this is sufficient reduction to prevent or minimize scale formation relative to a chemical treatment program.

After repeated studies, the answer is YES. Studies in Canada, Hong Kong, China, UK and Australia prove definitively that Kinetic energy should be a vital component for manufacturers of boilers, heat pumps, chillers evaporators and HVAC systems, feed nozzles, drip irrigation systems, aerial spray planes, cold storage operators, home gas heaters, dentistry nozzles, shower heads, bakery mixes, concrete production, paint mixes and so on.

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14 Can one test the Kiko Energy by himself?

YES. KEDS is a kinetic energy delivery system and you can conduct the following simple test at home:

  1. Take two glasses. Fill the each with a liquid such as red wine, black coffee, orange juice, apple juice
  2. Separate the two glasses at least 300 millimeters (12 inches)
  3. Energize one glass by rubbing the Kiko cartridge to the outside of the glass for 15-30 seconds
  4. Taste the Control
  5. Then taste the Kiko energized glass

There is a distinct difference both in smell and taste. The energized sample is “softer to the palate”, fruitier or lighter smell and quite refreshing.

The energy field transfer to the beverage with or without direct contact. This demonstration can be enjoyed with friends and colleagues.

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15 Why join the water energy revolution?

From time memorial, our Earth has a finite quantity of water – about 333 million cubic miles of water – continuously recycled by precipitation, clouds and rainfall. This water covers 70% of the Earth but only 3% is fresh water and most of that is frozen. Just 0.3% of it is accessible and clean enough to use. As threats to the environment continue, our everyday water – which almost everyone takes for granted – becomes more and more stressed.

Surprisingly, the amount of water is enough for the Planet’s 7 billion people, equating to 580,000 tons of fresh water per capita but the danger is fresh water is not spread uniformly due to drought, arid lands, geology, irrigation or purification. 70% of our useable water is now used for farming and therein food supply poses of the biggest dangers to humans.

For instance, the daily water usage for a wet paddy rice farmer is about 2,000 tons of water per hectare. A nation such as Australia with 200,000 hectares under cultivation requires 400,000,000 tons of water, well above the per capital consumption – hence the challenges to utilize our finite water resources become more pressing as we try to meet the growing need for food worldwide.

Agriculture & Industrialization are the greatest contributor of global warming and pollution of our water ecosystems – largely from methane release from cattle and farm fields, nitrous oxide from fertilizers and run-off into our lakes and rivers, carbon dioxides from vehicle exhaust, floral and rainforest extinction and a loss of wetlands creating biodiversity issues. As more CO2 emissions pollute the atmosphere, the water we have all taken for granted continues to resonate slower and slower creating further dangers to agriculture yields, higher mortality in fishery hatcheries, increasing scaled equipment, acidic soils creating imbalances to the ecosystem between insects and plants (e.g. bee pollen changes is another victim of this imbalance).

The Kiko Technology™ may seemingly polarize those pitting conventional agriculture (e.g. debate not limited and includes conventional medicine; conventional industrial de-scaling; soil health; insect damage to this water energy revolution) and those proponents seeking changes towards organic farming and less synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Our view is it needn’t be either-or-debates.

Kiko Technology is proving an economic boom in all the five currently targeted applications. The rewards are doubling of incomes with rural farmers, less fertilizer run-off, reducing food spoilage due to longer shelf life in the agriculture sector.

In the industrial sector, there is less hydroxides and nitrates and phosphates run-off into our oceans and lakes.

In the hospital industries, Kiko demonstrates cleaner sanitizers and sterilizing equipment without destroying both good and bad bacteria.

In the soil alkalinity applications, the improved soil health reveals less insect damage to crops and plants.

Kiko Technology™ is a Game Changer – connecting our food and the farmers who grow it – complementing mechanical and chemical de-scalers and acid cleansers – linking soil health to the natural scavenging and predatory nature of insects and pests – and in the medical field linking our bodies’ activated energy cellular pathways to good health.

As the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu stated:

“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small”

Lao Tzu, Ancient Philosopher


Do your part for today and in the future!

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