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JFK and the Space Race

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. In 1961 James T Osugi “Kiko Technology’s Founder” was a young student planning to become a Mechanical Engineer.


James Osugi and the NASA Lunar Program

Graduating years later with Dean’s honors from California State University, Mr. Osugi now a mechanical engineer followed his older siblings and joined the NASA Man To The Moon Project. NASA already had 3 older Osugi brothers ahead of Mr. Osugi. They each have invented major history changing systems that are still used in everyday life as well. A very intelligent family they are!

Working in the NASA Space Program 1969-1973 Mr. Osugi was directly involved in the Man to the Moon Project Apollo 13 mission, he participated in inventing and successfully delivering the second–stage propulsion unit. Mr. Osugi Co Authorised two patents on cryogenic hydrogen and cryogenic oxygen. He was a direct part of the team getting Man onto the Moon and back.


Founding Kiko

After 40 years working with water and having a very deep understanding of its principals, Mr Osugi set about solving the mystery of why water was becoming less effective and showing less energy and absorption of Far Infrared. Studying with the worlds leading water scientists and researching water energy and vibration around the world he established that all surface water on our planet had low energy. Only the very deepest of water close to the hot core of our planet showed high energy levels.

His challenge he set himself was to figure out the math as to why! As an aeronautical engineer you have to be right with the math or it simply will not work. There are no second guesses when you send a man into space.

His answer came early in 2005 in the middle of the night while working out the formula. Getting the math right took another 3 weeks. Using an application of physics Called “Phonon Molecular Theory”, Mr. Osugi invented the Kinetic Energy Delivery System.


Kiko Technology Today

Mr Osugi engaged a large team of farmers over the next 6-8 years, so what he could energise water, he had to validate over and over again what this meant when using it. Mr Osugi and his team completed more than 200 field studies in 23 countries. Over the past 9 years Kiko Technology has proven over and over again that energising water changes so many outcomes when using it. Kiko Technology supplies the KED System to deliver the energised water.

It has been proven 100% Effective 100% of the time!

Kiko Technology offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee to new clients to carry out their own validations to evaluate this powerful yet simple system. We simply measure increased productivity or savings and if the cost of our stunning system doesn’t cover itself will repay up to 100% of the money back. Obviously conditions apply to the Guarantee; this must be independently measured and requires a minimum size system to be installed.

Please be aware that we only rent our energy to our clients by supplying and installing our Kinetic Energy Delivery System. Many people ask to buy our product; it is not for commercial sale.

Values & Vision

In every way, no matter the industry or the opportunity, when energized water is added, a new paradigm is created. Kiko Technology is a full participant in this paradigm shift, changing philosophy and research parameters in every aspect of life with water and every industry associated with water across the planet.

This is the whole basis for the World Water Energy Revolution!

Ally with us — help your business profile and help discover new ways to address the Water Energy Crisis

Kiko Technology Sharing And Growing Together

Kiko Technology is a collaborative company, we have the Kinetic Energy Delivery System (KEDS) and every industry can benefit using KEDS. Together, through participation, installation or research, Kiko Technology and our clients will exchange ideas and find valuable new ways of delivering a prosperous and healthier planet for today’s inhabitants and keeping our Earth healthy for the many generations to come.

KEDS changes everything, advances in every field of water science can be invigorated with new visions and a more vibrant future.

KIKO Technology’s KEDS is a new approach to managing water, cheaper and less risky than existing mechanical processes and certainly working with nature. It requires a re-think of existing traditional methods of water usage and styles of management!

The medical health of the human population will benefit as the quality and availability of energized water and the food grown with it will allow this to happen. All farmers will succeed in delivering profitable crops with Kiko Technology’s KEDS delivering the energy that is missing.

What do we see in the future?

Kiko Technology is a Game Changer. Water touches every aspect of our lives. The only requirement now for our World Water Energy Revolution is to get KEDS installed into every corner of our amazing planet!

Kiko Technology’s Founder has a vision to see the World Water Energy Revolution delivered to each and every household. Human indifference should be a thing of the past – look to the future.

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Our Team

James T. Osugi

Founder & Chairman

James founded Kiko Technology, having created revolutionary proprietary techniques to improve the qualities of water by utilizing applications associated with kinetic energy, far infrared energy, and phonon molecular theory. His wide corporate experience as director of Swiss Bank Corporation facilitates a strong foundation for this business: James has set up Kiko Technology with full IP expertise and investor knowledge.

James T Osugi was a NASA aerospace engineer and worked on the "Man-to-the-Moon" program in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He is co-author of two patents in cryogenic hydrogen and cryogenic oxygen. James worked as both formulator and manufacturer in high tech industries, specializing in life sciences, biotechnology and environmental disciplines. He was also an Engineer in LP LT membrane separation and fluid / gas dynamics for advanced water and hydrogen/oxygen applications. He brings the brains and science behind this great product and has already set up third party distributors in 19 countries, with over 30 MOU trials underway.

James is majorly shareholder of Kiko Technology.

Nari Kikue Osugi

Director of Global Marketing

Nari is responsible for global marketing strategy, operations, communications, art & design, PR, web-marketing and all social media.

Nari leads the global marketing efforts, defining, managing and executing market strategy. She has developed and implemented the company brand identity standards and guidelines. Nari has a wealth of experience and commitment, delivering on-time results, business growth through marketing and building relationships with our clients worldwide.

Mr. Roy Ts'o Shun


Roy was born and educated in Hong Kong. He later attained an MBA in Finance in the United States. He immigrated to Canada in 1975, where he worked as an analyst and consultant for major corporations, returning to Hong Kong in 1981 to take over a stock brokerage operation.

Roy has been a director of several listed companies as well as a dealing director, analyst and consultant for many large corporations around the world. He has concentrated in dealing and analyzing Canadian, USA and Hong Kong equity markets and was responsible for assisting Hong Kong corporations, (eg. AV Concept Holding, CIG-WH International Limited, Gilbert Holdings and Midas Printing Group), getting listed (IPOs) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Roy's experience includes several fund raising exercises through placements of listed equities.

Mr. Steven See Yat-Khiong

Director of Sales

Steven is responsible for regional sales strategy, operations, market development, revenue projections, technical support, distributors, government officials and clients’ liaison.

For over 30 yrs, Steven was a key player for airline and hotel industries in both a sales and operational capacities. He developed a large client base, from which he increased sales and turnover through tactical sales and campaigns based on impact opportunities, with resultant increased revenue. Advertising and public relations entertainment services, as well as managing large special events and group sales, fell within his ambit. Steven was also responsible for overseas station grounds and commercial operations, development of new passenger and airfreight markets, as well as control of annual operating budgets.

For the last 3 yrs, prior to joining Kiko, Steven oversaw coordination of overseas special projects, including Russian oil and gas sales and the trading of minerals on contract bases.

Message from our Founder

The environment, science and innovative technologies, especially green technologies, are areas of enormous interest for me. I formed what has now become Kiko Technology in response to the undue environmental concerns in our world today. Excessive Carbon Dioxide in our skies, global warming, chemical runoff damaging natural waterways and acid rain are but a mere handful of the sad state of changes happening on planet Earth. The longer I observed these problems, the less convinced I became of standard chemical 'solutions'.

“Untouched aquifers deep within the earth often contain the best water. I wanted to see if my studies could bring water back to this original state.”

In my opinion, water mirrors the living environment. I explored studies on water with experts at the Japan Water Institute, turned to the laws of physics and eventually discovered a revolutionary approach to enhancing water quality. Then, we went into the field and put what was loosely coined 'energized water' to the test.

The results were fascinating. 35% more rice output; scale deposits reduced by 90%; crops growing faster and healthier, were startling results, but exciting results to say the least.

These findings were then compared to the findings of others, and I started tracing patterns of highly energized water around the world. The onsen which has long been regarded as therapeutic in Japanese culture uses highly-energized underground water. Beer from Sapporo was once considered highly energized because it contained water which seeped from volcanic rocks. Untouched aquifers deep within the earth often contain the best water. I wanted to see if my studies could bring water back to this original state.

“35% more rice output; scale deposits reduced by 90%;
crops growing faster and healthier”

Kiko Technology came about, in a sense, when the findings came full circle. We vigorously tested, re-tested and measured everything using advanced equipment such as the N-MRA (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis) and FIR (far-infrared radiation) spectrometers until we were satisfied we had created something truly innovative.

James T. Osugi

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